The Darling Lab

The Darling Lab is moving to (or is it starting at?) the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia!

Aaron Darling is busy moving and getting set up, and so his friends in Jonathan Eisen's lab at UC Davis (who will miss him a lot) decided to create a lab website for him.

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Genome Alignment

Aaron is the developer of the ridiculously popular Mauve Multiple Genome Alignment software. Play the Mauvean Drinking Game at your next conference poster session! Just take a drink every time you see a Mauve figure on a poster!

Mauve »

Filthy Raging Bayesian

Almost everything Aaron does has something Bayesian about it. A few exaples include :

We're pretty sure he and his wife chose their son's name using a Bayesian model. Frequentists, beware!

Filthy heresy and lies »


Aaron spends a lot of time looking at metagenomic data, and, like the rest of us, trying to figure out what ought to be done about it.

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