Structure of RecA Protein

Although researchers were able to infer some information about the structure of the RecA protein from the phenotypes of mutants and from electron microscopy and other techniques, the determination of the crystal structure of the E. coli RecA protein revolutionized studies of the structure-function relationships of the protien.

Story and Steitz published the crystal structure of the RecA protein, alone (Story et al, 1992) and complexed to ADP (Story and Steitz, 1992). By studying the location of known mutants and the phenotypes of these mutants they and other researchers later have been able to determine likely functions for a variety of regions of the protein.

Ogawa et al. (1993) compared the structures of RecA-DNA filaments with Rad51-DNA filaments.

This is an image from their paper.

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Check out the RecA SWISS-3DIMAGE at Swissprot. and the images there:

List of amino-acids within 4 angstroms of another filament

There is also an NMR structure of the C-termini by Aihara et al

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